ChestEye Quality

ChestEye Quality

Analysis of final reports and corresponding CXR images. Identification of reporting errors and improvement of patient outcomes. 

OXIPIT has developed a fully automatic computer-aided diagnosis chest X-ray solution. ChestEye Quality is an AI double-reading CXR tool. The product analyzes final reports and corresponding CXR images. Operating in near-real-time, ChestEye Quality helps to identify reporting errors through its AI solution. If there appear some mistakes, an external physician revise through VPN the CXR to provide a second diagnose. 

Applications and diseases

Analysis and preliminary report generation for all chest radiography studies. The suite supports 75 most common radiological findings covering 90% of diagnosis encountered at a medical institution on a daily basis.

Detectable pathologies


Analyze anteroposterior and lateral CXR images. 

Identification of all radiological findings in all chest radiography studies performed, optimizing both sensitivity and specificity. 

Providing of a list of identified radiological findings and its location in the form of heat maps.

Reduction of the amount of effort and time required to report chest radiography studies.


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