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Technology and innovation in DICOM medical images

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Technology and innovation in DICOM medical images

Alma has its sights set on becoming a market leader in the development of tools for processing digital medical images.

This includes all aspects of processing; from image capture, storage, and analysis, to 3D reconstruction, surgical planning, and printing.

Collectively, these features provide valuable assistance to healthcare professionals when it comes to decision making, diagnosis, planning, and generating “elements” for surgery.

Discover the full power of DICOM innovation serving health

Our products

Alma Medical Imaging has developed a product called Alma WORKSTATION, a digital medical image viewer specially designed for use in radiology workstations with high-resolution medical-grade monitors, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology tools.

Launched in 2014, this Alma product line includes versions of the Alma WORKSTATION and Alma CLINIC viewers designed for veterinary use.

Whenever surgical planning requires specially adapted tools, such as surgical guides, prostheses, etc., then Alma can generate the relevant anatomical model and guarantees a 100% fit with the patient thanks to our advanced 3D printing service.

A new service for managing and storing digital medical images over the Internet that can display images on a universal clinical viewer (Alma CLINIC) or specialized viewers (Alma WORKSTATION), and which offers total security and mobility.

Installed by over 5,000 users worldwide, endorsing the quality of our solutions

Our Customers

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Hospital Centers and Clinics

Alma’s products and solutions are intended for all radiology professionals as they feature a wide range of tools for reaching diagnoses based on images produced by any imaging technique.

We offer specific tools for women’s health, radiology, vascular analysis, and orthopedics, all of which interface with any hospital’s or clinic’s PACS system.

Lighter and more complete solutions are also available for specialized clinics.


3D Technology

Each patient’s anatomy is unique and individual. As such, each surgical procedure must be planned to fully adapt to the patient.

Alma provides advanced display, segmentation and 3D printing solutions, to provide surgeons with an exact copy of the patient’s anatomy and assist them with surgical planning.

It also features the technology and tools required to design and print advanced surgical guides.

Our Services

Our Customer Service Center (CSC) is the point of contact where you can request information about the services Alma offers. It serves to help all our customers when using Alma products, by providing the necessary support and services.

Support services that help customers prepare, configure, and subsequently deploy Alma products in their particular software environment and infrastructure.

Adaptation of Alma products with OEM versions and integration with customers’ proprietary systems. Customized support for the installation and configuration of our products.

Specific software developments designed to create new functionalities or special modifications to Alma products, in order to meet the particular needs of our customers.

Training courses for Alma products are aimed at end users, deployers, integrating companies, etc., and certify their knowledge of the given products. These courses can be taken at various levels (technical, operational, etc.), and different training formats are available (face-to-face or remote).

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