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Advanced technology for diagnostic


Cloud innovation for DICOM sharing and visualization


Customized developments, personalization and trainings

Technology and innovation in DICOM medical images

Alma has its sights set on becoming a market leader in the development of tools for processing digital medical images.

This includes all aspects of processing; from image capture, storage, and analysis, to 3D reconstruction, surgical planning, and printing.

Collectively, these features provide valuable assistance to healthcare professionals when it comes to decision making, diagnosis, planning, and generating “elements” for surgery.

Discover the full power of DICOM innovation serving health

Our products





Alma Medical Imaging offers advanced tools for the visualization, management and storage of DICOM digital medical images, with advanced products for every medical specialty.


Latest cloud technology to provide advanced solutions for storing, managing, sharing and exchanging medical images and data. Accessible anywhere and at any time.

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Alma mCLINIC 2.0 azul

Multimodality DICOM web viewer with certified tools for completely secure, accessible, integrable and interoperable diagnostic imaging.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithms based on digital medical imaging for different specialties focused on increase diagnostic precision and reduce time and costs.

Installed by over 5,000 users worldwide, endorsing the quality of our solutions

Our customers


Hospitals and Medical Centers

Alma Medical Imaging's solutions are aimed for radiologists and healthcare professionals, with specific tools for the diagnosis of different specialties and for the management and exchange of images and medical data. We have specific tools for the different healthcare areas that work both in their web version and integrated into the PACS systems of hospitals and clinics.


3D technology


Alma Medical Imaging considers that each patient has a unique anatomy. For this reason, it offers tools for guided and personalised surgical planning with which each professional can visualise, segment and make a 3D impression that will be used to prepare the intervention. The available tools also offer the possibility to design and print advanced surgical guides for different interventions.


Health professionals


Alma Medical Imaging's advanced solutions allow healthcare professionals to manage and visualise patient images and data from anywhere. In addition, using advanced tools and viewers, they can access an accurate diagnosis according to their speciality. With Alma, it is possible to share information with other experts for an external opinion and to collaborate and work as a team for a better patient experience.



At Alma we put the patient as the starting point for our developments, always looking for the best patient experience (second opinions, individualised follow-up, close attention, etc.) and at the same time, it allows us to deal with medical data in a professional space in the cloud in a secure way.



Educational Institutions

Educational Centres. Alma is aware of the importance of generating tools to guarantee complete learning that is close to clinical practice. Alma has solutions and tools to contribute to the training of the best professionals in the sector.


Veterinary Centers

Veterinary centres. Alma also wants to help in animal welfare, so it has a line of solutions and tools for storage, management, visualisation and diagnosis specific to the veterinary field.

Our Services

Our Customer Service Center (CSC) is the point of contact where you can request information about the services Alma offers. It serves to help all our customers when using Alma products, by providing the necessary support and services.

Support services that help customers prepare, configure, and subsequently deploy Alma products in their particular software environment and infrastructure.

Adaptation of Alma products with OEM versions and integration with customers’ proprietary systems. Customized support for the installation and configuration of our products.

Specific software developments designed to create new functionalities or special modifications to Alma products, in order to meet the particular needs of our customers.

Training courses for Alma products are aimed at end users, deployers, integrating companies, etc., and certify their knowledge of the given products. These courses can be taken at various levels (technical, operational, etc.), and different training formats are available (face-to-face or remote).

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