A global and centralized solution

Alma is working to place technology at the service of medicine with an advanced all-in-one solution designed for the storage, visualisation, management and sharing of medical imaging. We transform conventional medicine to achieve optimal data management and accurate and precise diagnosis through collaborative work and AI.

AI algorithms for different medical specialties

Explore artificial intelligence algorithms for processing medical images from various specialties, integrated into Alma WORKSTATION viewers and infrastructure, enabling optimal clinical practice.

Use them in your medical practice to optimize diagnoses by post-processing and analyzing medical imaging.

Place technology at the service of your patients.

Advanced and specialised DICOM viewers

Visualise, analyse and process medical images thanks to our advanced and specialised DICOM viewers. Discover Alma WORKSTATION.


Visualize and diagnose from anywhere and on any device through our multimodality 2D and 3D web viewer, which can be integrated and requires no installation.

Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and experts in different areas works every day to offer you digital solutions for clinical practice.


Digitizing the
healthcare infrastructure;
humanising medicine