Alma VET

Build a modular solution for your veterinary clinic
imagenes veterinarias

Store and manage veterinary images

acceso dispositivos

Access from any device

profesionales salud

Share data with other professionals


Our solutions in an all-in-one platform


Our Alma VET DICOM viewers are designed to visualise and evaluate veterinary images obtained by conventional radiography, ultrasound, CT and MRI.

Use the 2D tools offered by our viewers or implement 3D treatment and MPR modules for more advanced analysis. Integrate your viewer into your veterinary practice management system or Alma HEALTH PLATFORM platform and define a flexible, fast and efficient workflow.



Lightweight, cross-platform web viewer

almavet visor avanzado

Our lightweight, cross-platform web viewer, accessible from any connected device, provides you with basic diagnostic and surgical planning tools and an advanced history-integrated browser.

interfaz intuitiva
Intuitive, attractive and customisable interface
Powerful, fast and precise
Tool for diagnosis and surgical planning

Advanced viewer for radiological assessment and pre-surgical planning

almavet visor web ligero

Our advanced veterinary viewer, designed for radiological assessment and pre-surgical planning, provides you with tools for veterinary image analysis and assessment, series synchronisation and comparison with previous scans.

Zoom, translation and W/L
Key Image Notes (KIN)
Annotations (measurements, angles, ROIs, comments, etc.)
Exporting and capturing images

Includes multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and 3D tools

Multiplanar reconstruction viewer(MPR) to simultaneously visualize axial, coronal, sagittal and oblique views and use them to obtain sections of the 3D model from any plane in a fully interactive way.

Apply the palette libraries available in the viewer and control the slice thickness to work with MIP, MinIP, AvgIP and VR reconstructions.

almavet reconstrucción multiplanar
almavet reconstrucción 3D

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