Identification of chest X-ray images with no abnormality

OXIPIT has developed a fully automatic computer-aided diagnosis chest X-ray solution. It identifies chest X-ray images with no abnormality and produces preliminary reports. Preliminary healthy patient reports are produced with a sensitivity closer to 100% only in cases where the platform is highly confident of the results (30-60% of all healthy patient cases). By minimizing radiologist input required for healthy patient chest X-ray reporting.

Applications and diseases

ChestLink estimates what share of no-findings X-rays can be determined with high certainty, making this subset available for future autonomous reporting. 

ChestLink improves primary care and radiologists productivity and enables radiologists to shift their expert attention on cases with featured pathologies.


Automate up to 60% of the total non-pathological images.

Shift radiologist focus on cases with pathologies, increasing primary care efficiency.

Reduction of the amount of effort and time required to report chest radiography studies.

Identifies chest x-rays with no abnormalities with sensitivity close to 100%.

Strict privacy regulations.


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