Respiratory and cardiac disease detection

Respiratory and cardiac disease

Algorithm for detecting signs of respiratory and heart abnormalities

ARKANGEL AI has developed an automated and accurate tool to instantly analyze Chest X-Rays to be able to detect signs and biomarkers related to respiratory disorders.
ARKANGEL AI provides as output a report with suspected diseases found on the x-ray image.
The device results should be used in conjunction with other patient information and professional judgment to assist in making timely and accurate medical decisions.

Applications and diseases

This tool is useful for performing pulmonary abnormalities screening to be able to early diagnose some related pathologies for better patient outcomes, helping in the prevention of disease progression. It is intended to assist hospital networks and trained medical specialists in workflow triage by flagging findings in Posterior-Anterior (PA) chest x-rays.

Detectable pathologies


An interpretation score per disease in range 0.0-1.0 (API). The closer the number is to 1.0, the closer it is recognizing signs of findings for that condition in the image. II.

A visual layer, namely detection gradient, that provides interpretation for a given detection. This layer is a matrix displayed as a color map upon the uploaded image for interpretation.


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