Chest / MSK AI

Chest / MSK AI

Automatic diagnostic assistance with detection and rule-out support

Arterys has developed Chest / MSK AI which uses AI that automates detection in X-Ray images, creating a secure 24 h routine to confirm emergency physicians in their diagnosis.

Chest / MSK AI leverages AI to automate detection in X-Ray images and delivers automated tools, increasing clinicians overall productivity to better focus on the patient.

Applications and diseases

Detection of seven common abnormalities seen in emergency departments: fracture, dislocation, elbow joint effusion, pleural effusion, pulmonary nodule, pulmonary opacity and pneumothorax.


Detectable pathologies


Automated detection of abnormalities.

It increases radiology productivity, thereby reducing turnaround time.

It improves interpretation quality.

It reduces repetitive tasks and improves workflow, thanks to automated tools (flags and dictation tools).


Other tools