Breast cancer diagnosis using AI in ultrasound

Determination of the probability of malignancy of breast nodules and classification of tumors aligned to BI-RADS.

KOIOS MEDICAL  has developed an ultrasound breast detection system that analyzes over 17,900 unique features per image. It simultaneously executes algorithms trained by more than a million of images related to pathology results, and accurately assessing the likelihood of having a breast malignant tumor. It also provides a classification of the tumors aligned to BI-RADS.

Applications and diseases

This tool is useful for helping radiologists to interpret a breast echography and speeding up the decision-making process. It facilitates and improves radiologists’ assessment when studying a breast exam. Hence, it allows clinicians to early diagnose breast cancer for better patient outcomes and to eliminate unnecessary treatment.

Detectable pathologies


Higher productivity with less stress. It reduces workload for ultrasound reading. 

Higher accuracy and confidence. It can reduce false positive and detect more cancers. 

Better outcomes for the patient It allows reducing benign biopsies up to 55%, having a lower number of undetected cancers and allowing the patient to access to treatment earlier, thus reducing costs.


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