Breast AI

Breast AI

Detection of breast cancer and measurement of breast density.

Arterys has developed Breast AI which provides innovative solutions for breast cancer detection, measure breast density and assess personalized risk that offer clinically proven benefits to clinicians and patients, and are designed to optimize efficiency, enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

It uses deep learning technology to detect soft tissue densities (masses, architectural distortions and asymmetries) and calcifications in 3D DBT slices.

Applications and diseases

Arterys Breast AI is an image post-processing analysis software device used for breast cancer detection and breast density measurement.

Detectable pathologies


Breast cancer risk estimation based on 2D or 3D mammograms with the highest AUC available (AUC = 0.83).

Identifies priority studies based on the presence or absence of a lesion.

Assesses breast density of 2D or 3D mammograms with the appropriate BI-RADS® density.

Analyzes the dispersion and texture of breast tissue, delivering clinicians a consistent, accurate, and reliable patient-specific breast density assessment.


Other tools