Ligence Heart

Ligence Heart

Acurate, fast and user-friendly echocardiography analysis in tandem with AI

Ligence Heart is an AI-driven fully automated echocardiography analysis post-processing suite. Reliable and interactive software produces detailed analysis of heart ultrasound images moments after they are taken. All steps are performed with the user approval and the measurements can be adjusted by demand. In addition, it generates reports using local language. Modern and easy to use interface of Ligence Heart enables every medical specialist to become a professional user in no time.

Applications and diseases

The software is applicable for echocardiography analysis of adult patients with sinus rhythm.

The software can be applied in the daily clinical practice to drive clinical workflow.

The software can be applied in retrospective analysis of large cohorts.

Detectable pathologies


  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable and interactive AI: no manual tracing needed
  • No variability in measurements
  • Accuracy non inferior to a cardiologist
  • Integration with other software
  • Intuitive review and reporting


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