Cardio AI

Cardio AI

Automatic analysis and quantification of cardiac imaging.

Arterys has developed Cardio AI module which is used to analyze the heart and its major vessels using multi-slice, multi-phase and velocity-encoded cardiovascular magnetic resonance (MR) images.

It provides clinically relevant and reproducible, quantitative data and has been tested and validated on MR images acquired from both 1.5T and 3.0 T MR Scanners. It is intended to provide image and related information that is interpreted by a trained professional to render findings and/or diagnosis, but it does not directly generate any diagnosis or potential findings.

Applications and diseases

Arterys Cardio AI is an image post-processing analysis software device used for viewing and quantifying cardiovascular MR images.

The device is intended to visualize and quantify MRI data in DICOM format. Manual and semi-automatic border detection forms the basis for analysis. 


Detectable pathologies


It visualizes and quantifies flow precisely anywhere in the entire heart.

It saves up to 25 minutes per exam for LV and RV segmentation of 2D SSFP and 3D Cine. 

It obtains repeatable and editable results, as accurate as the experts.

It quickly obtains signal intensity graphs and segmental analysis in seconds.


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