alma y cardiolyse
22 de June de 2021

Alma Medical announces a strategic collaboration agreement with Cardiolyse for the distribution of artificial intelligence tools for cardiovascular analyses

Alma Medical has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the start-up company Cardiolyse, based in Helsinki, with the aim to incorporate its innovative algorithms for electrocardiogram analysis into the new digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM. 

This collaboration will allow hundreds of cardiologists and family doctors to integrate these artificial intelligence tools into their clinical workflow, explore their impact on the patients’ health and optimize their processes. 

Currently, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is still the #1 killer worldwide. 14 % of post-discharge myocardial infarction patients have readmission. Thus, monitoring these patients for the early detection of heart failure remains crucial. 

The incorporation of AI algorithms into the platform will allow clinicians to obtain in-depth snapshot of cardiovascular system state, detect more than 20 arrhythmias, monitor its trend and make six-month forecast of serious cardiovascular events from electrocardiograms (rest ECG, Holter ECG). Consequently, it will allow promoting lifestyle changes and treatment strategy.  

The joint solution of the digital platform, together with Cardiolyse’s cardiovascular analysis tools, turns out to be an excellent way to increase performance, automate routine tasks and improve the scalability of heart disease detection. 

About Cardiolyse, comprehensive heart health analytics

Cardiolyse is a E-healthcare company, based in Helsinki (Finlandia), that aims to deliver a holistic approach to prevent heart disorders for elevated risk groups, using innovative and clinically proven machine learning algorithms. 

It is a CE-certified cloud-based remote monitoring platform for early detection of heart failure. 


Learn more about Cardiolyse here.