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The power of Artificial Intelligence in the service of Radiology

Certified third-party and native artificial intelligence algorithms for diagnosis, based on digital medical imaging and clinical data. Solutions ready to be integrated into the healthcare professional's clinical practice.

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Alma has a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence tools for different medical specialties, imaging modalities, anatomy and health certification.

The results of the automatic post-processing of images using Artificial Intelligence provide support in the diagnostic process, improving sensitivity and specificity, assisting in decision-making, speeding up clinical practice by prioritizing cases, increasing productivity and improving confidence in the treatment and monitoring of pathologies.


"IA has a great potential in the short/medium term in emergencies, uncertain diagnoses and specific pathologies"

"The use of AI tools will help empower the inexperienced or non-specialist professionals"

"AI will fill the lack of resources and help in time-dependent decision making"

"Medical imaging is becoming more standardised in departments that until now did not have it as a focus, so new technologies such as AI will become an essential resource for the whole hospital".

"Machines will never replace doctors, but algorithms can be very good for detection"

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Integrate Artificial Intelligence solutions as best fits the needs of the hospital and its professionals.

We offer you a specialized team in hospital infrastructure for on-premise or cloud integration of AI to create the optimal workflow.


the Artificial Intelligence tool of interest.


the post-processing tool into your workflow


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Providers of Artificial Intelligence algorithms with medical device certification for use in diagnosis. 


Discover our complete catalogue of tools.

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