alma y quibim
7 de July de 2021

Alma Medical announces a strategic collaboration agreement with Quibim for the distribution of artificial intelligence tools specialized in the extraction of quantitative imaging biomarkers in the radiological workflow

Alma Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with the company Quibim, from Valencia (Spain), with the aim of incorporating its advanced tools for the extraction of medical imaging quantitative biomarkers into the digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM. 

The integration of Quibim’s artificial intelligence algorithms into the Alma MARKETPLACE will allow hundreds of radiologists to easily incorporate them into their clinical workflow for theearly detection of anomalies in the medical imaging of organs or tissues. 

Preventive measures are key to recovery and delay disease onset. Additionally, the identification of imaging biomarkers also allows us to better understand the mechanisms of action of drug candidates, guide therapy and monitor recovery or relapse. 

Through the digital platform, the radiologist will be able to examine his studies and apply the algorithms to them for an automatic, fast, and precise extraction of biomarkers, saving time and resources. Quibim’s solutions represents a support tool for the healthcare professional to confidently affirm his diagnosis. 

The joint solution of the digital platform, together with the Quibim’s image analysis tools, turns out to be an excellent way to increase performance, reduce repetitions, and improve scalability of heart disease detection. 

About Quibim, quantitative imaging biomarkers in medicine

Quibim is a Valencian Company specialized in medical imaging processing and image biomarker extraction in radiological workflow. The company arises as an initiative of a biomedical engineers and clinicians’ group with extensive experience and recognized scientific careers in the medical imaging field. 

Quibim is driven by the mission to improve human health through AI-guided precision medicine and apply advanced computational models to boost all fields from immune-oncology to neurology. 

  Learn more about Quibim here.