alma y image biopsy lab
29 de June de 2021

Alma Medical announces a strategic collaboration agreement with ImageBiopsy Lab for the distribution of artificial intelligence tools for image diagnosis in musculoskeletal radiology

Alma Medical has recently signed a collaboration agreement with an award-winning software company, based in Vienna, with the aim of incorporating its algorithms into the new digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM. 

This collaboration will allow hundreds of health professionals, specialists in musculoskeletal radiology, orthopedics, and traumatology, to integrate these artificial intelligence tools into their clinical workflow.

The integration of AI algorithms into the platform will enable clinicians to quickly obtain relevant information from X-Rays, such as automated measurements of anatomical distances, angles and volumes and the detection of anomalies and lesions. This software suite enables physicians to standardize reporting, automate routine tasks and optimize the current workflow which allows for better diagnostics in MSK-disease detection. Consequently, faster diagnosis will allow the physician to foster better relationships with its patients and optimize doctor-patient communication.

Undoubtedly, AI in medical imaging has great potential and can have a substantial positive impact in this field. Not only does it result in faster X-Ray analysis and more accurate treatment decisions, but it also has the potential to predict disease progression. 

About ImageBiopsy Lab, digital health for bone disease diagnosis

ImageBiopsy Lab is a software company, based in Vienna (Austria), driven by the mission of improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases (MSK) by providing AI solutions to orthopedists and radiologists that augment the radiological workflow through early detection and prevention of MSK diseases.

Their algorithms are CE marked and some are also FDA approved. 

Learn more about ImageBiopsy Lab here.