clinical web viewer
1 de June de 2021

Do you know Alma CLINIC v2.0, our clinical web viewer?

We present our clinical web viewer and all the features it offers to healthcare professionals. If you want to learn about its characteristics and discover the benefits it brings to your clinic, keep reading.

A clinical web viewer, multimodality, and multi-platform

The main feature of our clinical web viewer is its online functionality, as Alma CLINIC v2.0 allows us to access medical images from anywhere.

A versatile radiological viewer

One strong point of this viewer is its responsive design, as it works on all web browsers and on any type of device: computer, tablet, and smartphone. In addition to this, there are no installation requirements, making it an extremely useful tool for healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, Alma CLINIC v2.0 supports various modalities of digital medical images, including X-ray, CT, MR, MX, and ECG.

An interoperable solution with tools for 2D and 3D image visualization

The first thing to highlight when discussing the functionalities of Alma CLINIC v2.0 is that it is an interoperable solution. This means you can combine it with our advanced Alma WORKSTATION viewers as well as the Alma HEALTH PLATFORM and other external applications within the hospital infrastructure.

It also includes several specific tools for the visualization and evaluation of 2D and 3D images. It features a simultaneous 2D, 3D, and MPR view option, as well as interactive tools for rotation and volume manipulation. Quick loading of studies and the option to compare them with the patient’s previous scans are also part of the package.

Additionally, it offers a specialized library of color palettes and tools for MIP (maximum intensity projection) and MiniP (minimum intensity projection) reconstructions, which are useful for diagnosis.

Furthermore, Alma CLINIC v2.0 not only provides us with the necessary tools for image assessment but also offers flexibility in clinical practice. Being able to access a certified diagnostic viewer with advanced tools from anywhere and any device allows us to streamline clinical practice and work remotely when necessary.