usos plataforma alma health platform
27 de April de 2021

Learn about the applications of our Alma HEALTH PLATFORM

We have already told you about our new Alma HEALTH PLATFORM, but do you know its uses? Beyond the access to information from anywhere, this tool gives us multiple possibilities that we now want to share with you.

A way to facilitate collaborative work

In addition to accessing medical images remotely, a great advantage of the platform is that we can share them with other healthcare professionals. By sending them to other radiologists, we have the opportunity to request second opinions and discuss cases collaboratively, so we can improve the accuracy of the diagnosis.

On the other hand, we have the option to share information with both team doctors and professionals from other hospitals. So, especially in complex cases, we can work together to improve the patient’s experience and give them the confidence they need.

Better communication with the patient

Sharing studies with the patient is also easier now, since we can do it online, without needing CDs or displacements. Additionally, by having two-way communication channels, it is much easier for us to maintain a constant flow of information. 

This comes just at a time when, as a consequence of Covid-19, face-to-face visits have been relegated in many cases. Taking into account that telemedicine is gaining special importance in this new scenario, Alma HEALTH PLATFORM becomes an excellent tool for your medical office.

Possibilities for research and education

Other opportunity areas are found in research and education. For clinical studies with research purposes, it facilitates the delivery and storage of material, safely and organized according to the segmentation of study, which is important in multicenter studies.

As regards education, we have a platform where we can share documents and cases with students, useful for their training. The included Alma mCLINIC 2.0 clinical web viewer is also just what we need for online discussions on real studies.

Interaction with industry

The last use case is found in the industry, as we can share useful information and medical images to optimize results. A clear example is the manufacture of customized prostheses and surgical guides: by sharing patient studies with the manufacturer, always complying with data protection, we will be making sure that valid and accurate information is taken as a reference. Besides, it will allow us to exchange and discuss the case in an all-in-one workspace and even create communication templates suited to our needs.

Would you like to know more about our Alma HEALTH PLATFORM? Contact us to request a personalized demonstration.