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11 de October de 2021

Alma Medical announces a strategic collaboration agreement with Arkangel AI for the distribution of artificial intelligence tools for the early detection of preventable diseases

Alma Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with the Colombian company Arkangel AI, with the aim of incorporating its early diagnosis tools into the digital health platform Alma HEALTH PLATFORM. 

The integration of Arkangel’s artificial intelligence algorithms, in the process of obtaining CE certificate, will allow hundreds of radiologists to easily incorporate them into their clinical workflow, which will help to detect diseases at early stages in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, it will enable exploring its value for the health ecosystem, optimizing protocols, thus making faster and more objective decisions.

The first incorporation into Alma’s digital platform consists of a respiratory disease detector, where the radiologist can examine the studies thanks to the incorporated web viewer and apply the algorithm to them for the detection of signs and biomarkers related to respiratory disorders. Consequently, it will provide a report containing suspected diseases found on the X-Ray image and the regions where the doctor should pay more attention. 

Undoubtedly, it represents a support tool for the radiologist and the pulmonologist to safely affirm their diagnosis, highlight anomalies and make an early diagnosis, but also a tool for increasing the performance of the health system because it is ‘5x’ more cost-effective in comparison with the clinical standard. 

About Arkangel AI, early detection of preventable diseases                       

Arkangel AI is a Colombian-Canadian e-Health startup promoted by Google, Everis and Novartis, specialized in the development of artificial intelligence for the early detection of preventable diseases. 

Founded at McGill University in 2019, it has launched several detectors on its platform for the detection and classification of respiratory, ocular and parasitic diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, Covid-19 pneumonia, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, among other diseases detectable through medical images. 

It was accelerated by Google For Start-Ups Canada in 2020 and awarded the top award from the Everis Foundation in the same year. 

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Learn more about Arkangel AI here.