Oxipit global medical imaging
15 de February de 2022

Alma Medical announces the signing of a strategic collaboration with Oxipit for the distribution of automatic technology for global medical imaging

Alma Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with the company Oxipit, from Lithuania, with the aim of incorporating its advanced algorithm for performing preliminary reports for chest X-ray images (CXRs) into our digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM.

This collaboration will allow physicians to integrate this artificial intelligence tool into their clinical workflow, achieving better outcomes and saving time.

ChestLink from Oxipit identifies CXRs with no abnormality with sensitivity close to 100% and produces finalized patient reports without any intervention from the radiologist, reducing radiologist workload and enabling them to focus on cases with present pathologies. ChestEye Quality analyzes final radiologist reports and corresponding CXR images. Operating in near-real-time, ChestEye Quality helps to identify reporting errors.

Through the digital platform, physicians will be able to dramatically save time by identifying CXRs images with no abnormality. Moreover, the suite supports 75 most common radiological findings covering 90% of diagnosis encountered at a medical institution on a daily basis. The platform produces preliminary reports for healthy patients adhering to the medical institution reporting practice.

The joint solution of the digital platform, together with the Oxipit’s solution, is an excellent way to improve radiologists performance.

About Oxipit, automatic technology for global medical imaging

Founded in 2017, Oxipit is a computer vision software startup specialized in the creation of AI tools for global medical imaging and aims to address the global radiologist shortage and improve diagnostic quality. Their mission is to utilize the latest AI and machine learning developments for better patient outcomes around the world.

ChestEye imaging suite is certified by the CE mark, enabling clinical ChestEye deployment in 32 European countries.

Oxipit Chest X-Ray Image