ai algorithms for medical diagnosis
28 de July de 2021

Discover our AI algorithms for medical diagnoses

AI algorithms have already become a must-have in the medical sector. They facilitate diagnosis, automate analyses that would otherwise be much more complex and, in short, have made clear their potential in making important decisions for the patient.

In our blog we already dedicated an article to this topic some time ago. However, now we want to focus on artificial intelligence tools for medical image analysis and, specifically, on our marketplace.

At Alma Medical Imaging we have already signed collaboration agreements with several companies that provide us with algorithms that we can integrate into Alma HEALTH PLATFORM.

This is just the beginning, but we are going to explain the solutions of four companies with which we have started to collaborate. Qubiotech, Quibim, ImageBiopsy Lab and Cardiolyse are the main players of this article, which we hope that will be continued very soon. Read on to discover what they bring to our workflow. 

Quibim: AI algorithms for the extraction of quantitative biomarkers

The Valencian company Quibim provides us with algorithms to extract biomarkers related to brain tissue, muscular tissue, abdominal tissue, chest and breast.

From medical images, Quibim’s algorithms automatically detect, early on, anomalies that may indicate the presence of a disease. In fact, these parameters can also be used to understand the action of drugs and even to guide therapy.

ImageBiopsy Lab: diagnostic tools in musculoskeletal radiology

This Vienna-based company provides specialists in traumatology, orthopedics and musculoskeletal radiology with the necessary tools for fast and accurate diagnosis.

By automating everyday tasks, thanks to algorithms for automatic measurement and anomaly detection, we can reach accurate conclusions in much less time. Detecting signs of knee osteoarthritis or signs in hip dysplasia, measuring leg length discrepancy and assessing conditions that can affect children’s growth are just some of the possibilities that this company brings to our artificial intelligence marketplace.

Qubiotech: automatic analysis for augmented neuroimaging

The combination of Qubiotech’s algorithms with tools for visualization and analysis of nuclear medical imaging results in the early and objective detection of brain-related anomalies and diseases.

One example is the quantification of metabolism from positron emission tomography scans. This is one of the many possibilities offered by Qubiotech. The result? We move from diagnoses marked by subjectivity to a quantitative and objective assessment for a safer diagnosis without interobservational variability.

Cardiolyse: artificial intelligence at the service of cardiovascular health

Considering that cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the world, Cardiolyse’s artificial intelligence algorithms are positioned as an extremely useful tool for professionals in this field.

Based on the analysis of electrocardiograms, the Finnish company’s tools allow us to have a snapshot of the patient’s cardiovascular health at the moment. In addition, we can detect trends and prevent possible events that could compromise his/her health.

Would you like to put these AI algorithms at the service of health? Discover them in our marketplace and integrate them now in Alma HEALTH PLATFORM.