cloud pacs clinical web viewer
13 de February de 2024

Advantages of cloud PACS integration with our web-based clinical viewer

Integrating a cloud PACS with our web-based clinical viewer, which securely connects to the cloud, allows you to access large volumes of medical images, view them whenever and wherever you want and analyse them with advanced tools.

The advantages of PACS Cloud

PACS has recently become a key technology in the field of radiology. In addition to reducing costs by eliminating the need to develop and store X-ray films, it facilitates a workflow for more accurate diagnoses. Now we are going one step further with Cloud PACS.

Aspects to take into account in PACS integration

In order to benefit from all that PACS brings you, it is important to bear in mind that medical images are very sensitive data, so compliance with the GDPR is essential.

With this in mind, DICOM digital images of various modalities – X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and more – can be conveniently and cost-effectively accessed.

Why choose a cloud PACS?

A Cloud PACS has all these advantages, but differs from a conventional on-premise PACS in that its functions and storage reside on cloud servers and are therefore hosted by a third party.

You can access medical images not only from anywhere in the hospital, but also from any device with an Internet connection, which means a significant increase in the range of devices that can view them. In short, any device that is compatible with HTML5 has the option of accessing our Alma CLINIC viewer with a connection to a Cloud PACS.

A PACS in the cloud is thus cheaper, has more storage and greater security, so there is less need for maintenance.

In addition, access to images is more convenient and, by facilitating the exchange of files thanks to WEB technology, collaborative work between all actors in the healthcare infrastructure is also facilitated.

Why choose our clinical web viewer?

We have already seen the benefits that a Cloud PACS brings to the healthcare system, but what are the advantages of integrating it with our clinical web viewer?

A multimodality viewer with advanced tools

In addition to the ease of access to medical images, our clinical web viewer has other advantages: it allows you to work with different modalities within the DICOM standard.

In addition, it has a wide range of advanced 2D, 3D and MPR tools: you can scan different images in a series with a single click, process them with pre-defined palettes, and apply MIP and MinIP views, among other functions.