9 de September de 2020

Telemedicine, a growing trend

Technology has burst into medicine: artificial intelligence and other digital tools have already proven their usefulness in this field. But, without a doubt, we cannot talk about medical technology without specifically talking about telemedicine.

A trend towards medical digitalization

The trend towards medical digitalization could already be seen coming. However, the situation we encountered during the pandemic made its progress take a considerable leap forward.

From unawareness to trend

The fact that it became necessary to reduce crowding made it necessary to carry out many consultations by telephone or video call. The previous lack of knowledge about telemedicine has given way to an understanding of its potential. Even so, there are still many challenges to be addressed gradually. Digitalization has been, in many cases, hasty, so it will have to be improved in the future.

A tool for decongesting health centers

Without a doubt, telemedicine has been a necessity rather than an option. It has played a key role in decongesting health centers.

An ally in the coronavirus crisis

The fear experienced by many people during the pandemic has also increased their doubts and questions, consultations that in many cases have been made telematically. Only the necessary cases have been referred, at the worst times, to face to face care, which has solved a situation that health professionals could hardly have faced if they did not have the appropriate tools.

Of course, we can also talk about issues related to other disciplines that have been relegated to the coronavirus. Thanks to telematic consultations, it has been possible to continue treating patients without exposing them to the virus.

Asynchronous telemedicine

But let’s not stop at the pandemic. Asynchronous telemedicine has become an excellent way to reduce waiting times, both in hospitals and primary care centers.

The possibility for doctors to have all the necessary data about their patients before they arrive at the practice facilitates their work and optimizes the clinical practice for all parties involved.

Discover the Alma HEALTH PLATFORM’s asynchronous medical visits workflow

If you want to implement this type of telemedicine in your center with a structured workflow for asynchronous medical visits, our digital health platform Alma HEALTH PLATFORM offers you the tools to collect the data that you need from your patients in an efficient and digitized way.

Telemedicine also represents advantages for patients

And one of them is the possibility to ask for the opinion of several professionals. The ease with which these consultations can be made – without having to miss work and without disrupting the day-to-day routine – also benefits the patient.

Obviously, not all pathologies can be treated telematically; however, there are many consultations and follow-up appointments that are easily resolved by these means.

A revelation for chronically ill patients

Likewise, telemedicine is a true revelation for chronic patients, who will be able to reduce their visits to the doctor. Revisions of medication, doubts resolution, periodic follow-up by the doctor… All can be done telematically. It will also be much easier to detect harmful habits as it will be easier to follow your day-to-day life.

For example? Perhaps a person with a digestive disease can share with his doctor the menus. In this way, the health professional will be able to warn the patient if he detects that something could be harmful to him. Telemedicine goes beyond medical care: it provides us with tools for prevention as well.

Multiple challenges on the horizon

But how can all this potential be harnessed? Although digitalization has already been implemented in medical centers, we cannot forget that the situation was sudden. So now that it is returning to normal, it will be time to fine-tune the details and select the most appropriate technologies.

At Alma Medical Imaging we have several technological solutions that can help you, among other things, to correctly apply telemedicine.