Detection and localization of more than 100 thoracic pathologies on X-rays

RAYSCAPE CXR is able not only to detect 148 findings but also to generate valuable additional information such as CTR index, COVID19 score and bones suppression & subtraction. All of them offer the radiologists a 360-degree view of the patient from one single investigation.

Applications and diseases

AI assistant for chest X-rays that detects and localizes more than 100 pathologies and groups them into 17 different classes.

Detectable pathologies


  • Identifies 147 sub-pathologies.
    Localizes the pathology groups on the x-ray with bounding boxes.
  • Generates additional images with subtraction and suppression of bone tissue.
  • Automatically calculates the cardio-thoracic index.
  • Identifies SARS-CoV2 virus-related pathologies and assigns a specific score to radiography based on this.
  • Sorts and prioritizes patients according to the identified pathologies.


Report example

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