endoscopic visualisation 3d dicom viewer
29 de July de 2022

Endoscopic visualisation with Alma’s 3D DICOM viewer

In Alma WORKSTATION version 6.1, we have implemented a tool for endoscopic visualisation with our advanced Alma 3D VOLUME DICOM viewer.

Endoscopic visualisation of the airways

Endoscopic visualisation is done using the fly-through tool incorporated in our advanced 3D DICOM viewer.

How does the endoscopic camera work

The software is based on the visualisation of medical images, and specifically tomographic series, to make a reconstruction and a volume rendering in such a way that it is able to simulate what we would see with an endoscopy.

We must bear in mind that the use of an endoscope is an invasive technique, but it often provides information that we cannot obtain in any other way. This tool in our viewer, however, offers us the possibility to navigate the airway without having to subject the patient to this process and by defining the path manually from the MPR and VR views.

When to use this tool

In the diagnosis of respiratory diseases we sometimes encounter patients with persistent cough or breathing difficulties, in which case a thorough examination is necessary to establish the causes. It may also happen that the chest X-ray shows an abnormality, but does not gather enough information to make an accurate and definitive diagnosis.

Endoscopic visualisation using 3D reconstruction of the medical image allows us to have a detailed view of the area, as well as to move around the area virtually to find the data we need. In addition, it allows us to do so in a non-invasive way, a great benefit for the patient.

Discover Alma 3D VOLUME

Endoscopic visualisation is the latest addition to Alma 3D VOLUME, but it is complemented by other techniques for the analysis of 3D medical images, such as segmentation tools and interactive 3D visualisation.