dicom viewers specialities
18 de March de 2024

DICOM viewers specialities

From orthopaedics and trauma to nuclear medicine, at Alma Medical Imaging, we offer a comprehensive range of DICOM viewers.

Advanced and Specialised DICOM Viewers

Now in its version 6.1, our DICOM viewers, Alma WORKSTATION, provide advanced tools for the visualisation and analysis of medical images in various areas. These are the specialities we cover in our catalogue:

Alma 2D VIEWER for 2D Medical Images

Alma 2D VIEWER specialises in the analysis of 2D medical images, providing healthcare professionals with tools for thorough radiological assessment.

Among its functions, it includes image stitching, subtraction of tomographic series, and the ability to compare and synchronise images with the patient’s previous studies.

Alma 3D VOLUME for 3D Medical Images

Alma 3D VOLUME allows visualisation of tomographic series by rendering the volume and creating a 3D reconstruction, as well as segmenting internal structures.

In the latest update of Alma WORKSTATION, the endoscopic camera function was added to navigate the airways.

Alma MPR for Multiplanar Reconstruction

Alma MPR, specialised in multiplanar reconstruction of tomographic series, allows interactive visualisation of internal structures from axial, sagittal, and coronal planes.

In fact, it offers the option to work simultaneously with multiple volume models.

Alma MAMMO for Mammography and Tomosynthesis

Alma MAMMO offers tools for the visualisation and analysis of mammography and tomosynthesis studies, as well as a workflow manager that optimises the process and allows automation of comparison with previous medical images of the same patient.

Some other functions included in this viewer are the negative interface with zoom tools for tracking brachytherapy seeds and integration with automatic diagnostic systems.

Alma CARDIO for Cardiology

Alma CARDIO facilitates the analysis of cardiovascular pathologies with tools for quantitative coronary analysis, digital subtraction analysis, and left ventricular analysis, among others. Additionally, it incorporates functions compatible with electrocardiography.

Alma VASCULAR for Vascular Anomalies

Alma VASCULAR gathers tools to detect and evaluate certain pathologies such as stenosis, calcifications, and aneurysms. It allows segmentation of vascular structures and reconstruction of the image from different planes.

Moreover, among its functions, we can find options applicable to surgical planning.

Alma DENTAL for Dentistry

Alma DENTAL specialises in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, offering useful tools for the sector such as automatic generation of orthoradial and orthopantomographic images.

Additionally, it allows for 3D, MPR, MIP, MiniP, and Average reconstructions.

Alma NUCLEAR for Nuclear Medicine

Alma NUCLEAR incorporates advanced functions for visualising and analysing CT, scintigraphy, and positron emission tomography (PET) images.

Among its advanced tools, we find the MIP view with rotation about the vertical axis, some specialised in fusion of CT/PET and CT/SPECT scanners, and MPR reconstruction of CT, PET/SPECT, and FUSION images.

Alma ORTHO for Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Alma ORTHO incorporates tools for surgical planning in hip, knee, and shoulder prosthesis implants. It includes over 10,000 digital templates, telemetry functions, and post-surgical tests.

By combining the functions of each viewer with the option to use AI applications for different specialties from the same software, we see how Alma solutions become true allies for clinical practice.

Additionally, we invite you to discover our clinical multimodality web viewer, with advanced 2D and 3D tools, allowing you to analyse images and medical series wherever and whenever you want through a secure connection to computer systems.