coreline soft
27 de October de 2022

Alma Medical announces the signing of a strategic collaboration with Coreline Soft for the distribution of artificial intelligence tools specialized in lungs to improve radiology workflows

Alma Medical has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the company Coreline Soft. The aim is to incorporate its algorithms to provide support to physicians to better identify diseases in thoracic imaging through deep learning into the new digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM.

Coreline Soft develops AI-based imaging diagnosis package, specializing in lungs. This includes lung cancer screening (LCS), COPD quantification, and coronary artery calcification (CAC) systems. They call it B3 systems, covering the 3 big diseases in thoracic imaging.

  • aview:LCS is the AI CAD system to detect lung nodules on chest CT images according to the LUNG-RADS.
  • aview:COPD analyzes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on chest CT images with deep learning AI technology.
  • aview:CAC quantitatively analyzes coronary artery calcification with AI technology.

Coreline Soft mission is to transform healthcare by helping to leverage more value from medical data. Being capable of bringing data-driven medicine to every patient. Thanks to the hard work of Coreline Soft, physician experience is improved when treating LCS, COPD and CAC.

The joint solution of the digital platform, together with Coreline solutions, is an excellent way to improve radiologists’ performance.

About Coreline Soft

Founded in 2012, Coreline Soft develops medical imaging AI software and has the mission of reinventing healthcare through early screening. The company’s products include aview, a suite of quantitative analysis software for lung disease powered by a fully automated AI algorithm.

Learn more about Coreline Soft here.