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Advanced Viewer

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Alma 365 also presents a universal advanced viewer, featuring state-of-the-art tools for displaying and assessing digital medical images, and which is compatible with systems running Microsoft Windows.

Universal Basic Clinical transcending radiology, for displaying medical images.


  • Reads quickly and rapid access to images on CD
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Powerful diagnostic and surgical planning tool
  • Integration with digital clinical records
  • Attractive, configurable interface
  • Powerful, high-quality, and accurate
  • Series comparison
  • Automatic recognition of and comparison with previous studies
  • Displays studies from any radiological modality
  • Displays non-radiological images
  • Image capture and export

Native Advanced Viewer for Microsoft Windows®

The advanced viewer included in the Alma 365 Cloud service is a native workstation for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Unlike the universal web viewer, a native viewer has been included because it facilitates optimized use of hardware resources on the customer’s computer, such as the RAM, processor, and graphics card.


This optimized use of local resources enables efficient handling of very large data models, such as CT scans with thousands of images or mammograms with tomosynthesis. The Alma 365 advanced viewer is available for Windows because in comparison with other operating systems, such as MacOS or Linux, Windows is the most widespread system in the world and therefore most commonly used by potential Alma 365 customers.

Patient Browser

The Alma 365 advanced viewer includes an advanced patient browser, located in the left-hand toolbar, that shows all the studies stored for the selected patient. The browser shows a thumbnail for each series that forms part of each patient study. These thumbnails can be dragged and dropped to the display windows in order to work on the given series.

Display and Annotation Tools

The viewer features display tools such as zoom, translation, rotation, mirror, etc. It also includes display window control tools (Window Width Level) for adjusting visible values (density, frequency, etc.).

The viewer can record annotations and measurements of distances and angles, as well as ROI (Regions of Interest) in rectangular, oval, or free-form areas.

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Hanging Protocols

The Alma 365 advanced viewer includes a comprehensive tool for creating and editing Hanging Protocols, which automates the display of medical imaging studies based on the modality (CT, MRI, Mammography, etc.), the anatomical part (head, thorax, abdomen, breast, etc.), or the study description.

The viewer also features fully interactive options, available on the Patient Browser sidebar, for configuring the display and arranging views directly from the screen by dragging and dropping thumbnails for an available series of images into the display area.


Series Comparison and Synchronization

The series comparison and synchronization tool is particularly useful for tomographic series because it automatically matches the anatomical slice and zoom on the image.

Series synchronization can be used either with different series from a single study or with series from one of the patient’s previous studies. Comparison with previous series is an essential tool when studying the evolution of lesions or other pathologies.

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Automatically provides multiplanar images (sagittal, coronal, and axial) and an oblique MPR. This latter reconstruction can be used to work on any spatial plane to obtain different types of high-quality diagnostic images.

  • Generation of new series
  • Oblique MPR
  • Curved MPR
  • MIP, MinIP, Average IP, and VR
  • Hanging Protocols and Workflows


Automatically creates 3D reconstructions and fully interactive, high-quality, real-time multiplanar diagnostic images.

  • Automatic segmentation tools
  • Specialized library of color palettes
  • Volume rotation and manipulation
  • Reconstructions in MIP, MPR, and 3D Volume
  • Hanging Protocols and Workflows

All viewers developed by Alma Medical Imaging have been validated by IHE, and comply with the DICOM standard.

They also meet the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices, and have been certified by SGS United Kingdom Limited (Notified Body number 0120), obtaining Class IIa CE marking.