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About us

Alma is a technology company specialized in the development of advanced solutions based on digital medical imaging for the healthcare ecosystem. 

Alma was established more than 15 years ago with the purpose of creating tools designed to improve diagnostics and decision making based on digital medical imaging. To this end, its first endeavor was to develop a wide-spectrum 2D viewer.

As radiological technology has advanced over time, we too have progressed and developed tools to meet the needs of the sector, all the while enhancing their functionalities based on ever-increasing trends in computing, processing and storage capacity.

We are currently positioned in the sector with tools that are tailored to the concept of the "Patient-Specific Model" and Personalized Medicine.

Based on our solid track record, Alma has become a well-established company in the medical technology market, with 5,000+ licenses installed in more than 400 hospitals around the world.


Find out about our history



Foundation of Alma IT Systems, S.L with the aim of creating software for digital medical image processing for the healthcare sector. 



Alma develops for UDIAT the RAIM-Alma viewer, which will be the advanced workstation of the RAIM medical imaging solution. 


Alma starts its internationalization by integrating its DICOM viewers in European Hospitals.


In compliance with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices, Alma obtains the CE mark for Alma 2D VIEWER, Alma 3D VOLUME, Alma ORTHO, Alma MAMMO, Alma NUCLEAR, Alma COLON and Alma PRINT.



Alma certifies its Quality Management System, obtaining the first certifications ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 13485:2003Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices.


The internationalization of the Alma viewers grows, entering into the American market, establishing a great relationship with the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires in Argentina. 


Alma Medical Imaging team grows and the company established its offices in Barcelona.


Alma continues opening new markets and makes its first installation in the Middle East. 



Alma launches new specialized viewers: Alma DENTAL, Alma VASCULAR, Alma WEB and Alma CD, which together with the others, obtain the CE mark.


Obtainment of  ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 certifications for the Quality Management System.


Alma Medical Imaging updates its corporate and product image.


Launch of Alma VET, a specialized viewer for the visualization and analysis of veterinary DICOM studies


Alma expands its radiology viewers with Alma CLINIC web viewer, which together with Alma WORKSTATION viewers obtains the CE mark. 



Alma Medical Imaging products reach more countries by establishing commercial partnerships with Southeast Asia. 



Alma Medical Imaging takes a new strategic direction, new offices and a new cooperative image


DICOM viewers of Alma WORKSTATION are updated with new version 5.0 and the new specialized viewer Alma CARDIO is launched into the market. 


Update of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications for Quality Management System and its application in medical devices. 


The CE mark of Alma WORKSTATION is migrated from SGS UK (NO 0120) to SGS Belgium NV (NO 1639). 

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